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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
08/01/18 09:58

German automotive industry becomes virtuous to sustain green mobility

ARS Altmann joined Scherm Group in using electric vehicles trucks tomove cars and components around BMW Munich plants in order to reduce carbon emissions

German logistics services provider ARS Altmann recently invested in new electric-powered truck to support inbound and outbound activity at BMW’s vehicle assembly plant in Munich, in the pathway of compatriot peer Scherm, which was already using one electric vehicle for inbound deliveries to the carmaker’s plant in Bavaria after setting up a pilot project back in 2015, and now has added a second electric truck to deliver components from its supply centre in Karlsfeld just outside the city.

Maximilian Altmann, CEO of ARS Altmann, which just began services with one electric truck to move new cars on a 15km route through Munich – from Garching to Welt (the multiuse centre where buyers can take delivery of BMW vehicles) - claims this is the first all-electric truck for finished vehicle deliveries in Europe.

The e-truck, used with a covered semi-trailer, is loaded with vehicles to be handed over to customers and on the way back it transports finished cars from BMW plant.

When fully charged, the e-trucks have a range of up to 160 kilometers each. In essence 3 e-trucks now travel a top speed of 40 kilometers an hour for the BMW plant’s production around the Greater Munich area thus saving 82 tons of CO2 on an annual basis compared to conventional trucks.

“With our rail transport systems we have been contributing to taking heavy goods traffic off the roads for years. It is now time for us to play a role also in putting zero-emission trucks on the road. Together with the BMW Group, we want to drive emission reductions in Munich’s city traffic” Altmann emphasized.

“The successful pilot project with our first e-truck launched in 2015 has motivated us to pursue this course further and use electrified vehicles on additional routes. The new supply center in Karlsfeld is ideal for this purpose” Kurt J. F. Scherm, CEO of Scherm Group, explained.

Since late 2013 BMW Group through its three brands BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce, launched its NUMBER ONE > NEXT strategy which envisages visionary vehicle concepts, connected mobility services and a new understanding of premium strongly focused on sustainability.


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