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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
29/07/19 11:16

First freight trains on the high-speed line in October

Interporto Servizi Cargo announced that the services will be launched between Pomezia and intermodal terminals of Verona, Novara and Melzo

On October the 1st 2019, freight trains will start running on the high-speed and high-capacity line for the first time in Italy.

The news was disclosed by the railway company Interporto Servizio Cargo which, in a note published on Federpress, announced that the service connecting Verona Quadrante Europa and Pomezia will be launched at the beginning of October.

The Novara-Pomezia connection will be launched on November the 1st, and the Melzo (Milan)-Pomezia connection will be launched on January the 7th 2020.

Most importantly, trains will travel on the high-speed/high-capacity network lines (at 120 km/h) by night in order to allow for the movement of P400 gauge wagons, i.e. wagons which can transport semi-trailers or high cube containers.

“At present, this type of transports is impossible in Italy. The Italian Railway Network RFI is doing its best to adapt most of its railway network to European standards, but ICS will be the first company to venture in this market. According to the University of Naples Federico II, 700 vehicles per day, and per direction, travel on the Milan-Rome axis, and just as much between Verona and Rome”, Interporto Servizi Cargo Chief Operating Officer Francesco Pagni explained.

“We aim at tripling our production performances and at increasing employment of engineers or technical staff accordingly. In this respect, we are the first railway company which equips its drivers, who will have to drive the new multi-voltage locomotives specifically chartered to travel on high-speed/high-capacity lines. This is the most innovative project related to the Italian railway system both in environmental, social and employment terms, and also for the development of a modern and multimodal logistics chain”, added Pagni, observing that this project was devised by founder Giuseppe Sciarrone.

Interporto Servizi Cargo’s fleet currently consists of 7 locomotives and 105 latest generation wagons, providing services with train pairs between Segrate, Pomezia and Nola 7 times a week; between Verona, Bologna and Nola 5 times a week and between Verona and Giovinazzo 3 times a week.

“For the AV/AC service, we already chartered 10 new locomotives, purchased 105 new wagons to transport semi-trailers, and required the paths to allow trains with a capacity of 30 semitrailers to travel 6 times a week between Verona, Novara, Melzo and Pomezia. We aim at taking 50,000 semi-trailers away from roads each year, and if we are successful it will be a turning point of the Italian transport system”, Interporto Servizi Cargo Chief Operating Officer concluded.



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