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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
11/03/19 11:26

Fercargo still attacking FS on employment procedures

Rome-based association complains once again for state-railway company's attempt to recruit trained workers thus hurting private operators

Fercargo (once again) complains about engine-drivers recruitment procedures followed by Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, pinpointing that “latest staff-hiring published by domestic press stands at zero balance, at least regarding engine drivers”.

According to the Association, such statement is grounded on the large number of work-permits submitted for March 5th and 6th by engine drivers working for various companies joining Fercargo (Adriafer, Captrain Italia, Compagnia Ferroviaria Italiana, DB Cargo Italia, Dinazzano PO, Ferrotramviaria, Ferrovie della Calabria, Fuorimuro, GTS Rail, Hupac, Interporto Servizi Cargo, InRail, OceanoGate, Rail Cargo Carrier Italia, Rail Traction Company, Sangritana, SBB Cargo Italia).

“According to reliable sources, a test for recruiting new engine drivers was in fact arranged by FSI on these dates. Overall 140 workers, representing 20% staff in some private companies, attended the test”, states Fergarco while pinpointing how the unfair behaviour of the incumbent operator is not something new, in 2018 overall 100 engine drivers shifted to Gruppo FSI.

“Young workers are trained by private railway companies, providing high quality jobs for the Country, while major RFI's subsidiaries recruit a large number of already trained staff from other market operators, which, so far, is one of the most ailing market in Italy”, continues Fercargo.

Recently Trenord, railway company, participated by FSI operating regional transport in Lombardy, started a selection and training process according to fair and customary procedure followed by all new freight railway groups thus not recruiting already trained staff.

All companies joining FerCargo train 350/400 young learners annually supporting huge financial and operational undertakings which are definitely not encountered by groups recruiting already trained staff.

In compliance with current regulations, staff training costs are partially refunded, therefore FSI group should have no reason not to exploit such opportunities, pinpoints Fercargo.

Despite all hindrances, in 2018 FerCargo member-companies grew, exceeding former year's performance by over one million train-km, reaching 48% domestic market share  and 68%  international market share.

Furthermore, still according to Rome-based Association, new private railway companies compete in the logistic market with no state subsidy while the incumbent operator exceeded 2 billion Euro losses in the last ten years.

Finally FerCargo announced they will take all available actions to protect their members.


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