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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
01/07/19 11:25

Fercam to strengthen their fleet for Tunisia

Alto Adige-based company introduced 50 new trailers exclusively engaged on this line while evaluating the launching of a new branch in the country

As announced by Alto Adige-based company, four years after having launched the unprecedented Leghorn-Tunis intermodal link, Fercam determined strengthening the service by adding 50 new dedicated trailers.

 The company recalled in 2012 they opened their first branch in Rades industrial area (Tunisia), 7,000 square metres structure, 2,000 of which committed to customs warehouse and 800 to operational office, which provide weekly connections to Leghorn and Tunis; full shipping services and international distribution of imported cargo.

Trade in Tunis is managed by the local branch which provides import-export customs duties assistance and consulting services in Tunisia and Libya.

“We determined strengthening our fleet to enhance the service provided to our continuously increasing customers; the results recorded in 2019 first four months, confirmed current positive trend, therefore we are evaluating to launch, pursuant to 2019 business plan, a second branch in Southern Tunisia, to upgrade our logistics  services and meet market requirements” stated Hans Splendori, sales manager at Fercam transport branch.



TAG : Logistics