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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
13/05/19 11:15

Fercam to rescue Maimex

Alto Adige-based group took over air and shipping forwarding business from the ailing company

G. Brillante T. Manera G. Manera A, Manera (M aimex) e H. Baumgartner (Fercam)

Fercam rescued Longbardy-based Maimex undergoing bad financial crisis  by taking over their air&ocean forwarding services.

According to the contract signed by the two companies in early 2019, Maimex states being affected by a tough economic-financial crisis which they won't be capable to manage without negotiating a winding up restructuring scheme ex art 182 bis f.l..

In 2017 Maimex turnover exceeded 17 million Euro and net result was negative by 400,000 Euro, by selling the global forwarding branch the group would preserve corporate assets value and jobs.

The leasing contract, worth 120,000 Euro year, will last until November 30th 2019, when the debt restructuring plan will be submitted lenders.

“The company's takeover is encompassed within Fercam's growing strategy, envisaging strengthening their market share in the Air&Ocean segment by 2020, also fostering sales” reports the group, few months after having joined partnership with Israeli Isline operator, particularly aimed at developing air and ocean shipping to Israel and Cyprus, while the new accord with Maimex will target South-East Asia, the Far East and Japan.

In essence Fercam is strengthening their Air&Ocean sector ensuring their commitment in the Far East, by taking over Maimex premises and warehouses in Hong Kong, China and Japan.

“Maimex experience the Italian fashion industry, in technological and industrial sectors will definitely support our customers which are increasingly operating on Asian markets, not only asking for air and ocean shipping but also customs and integrated logistic services, as well as ‘tailor made’ solutions suited for their specific requirements”, stated Hannes Baumgartner, Managing Director of the group.

Nicola Capuzzo