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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
04/09/17 10:28

Fagioli also lifting 'history' in India

Meanwhile Cometto sealed an accord with Scania for the construction of 12 engines designed for self propelled electronic modules

Il sollevamento e la rotazione della pietra monolitica da oltre 600 tonnellate

Fagioli group, Italy's leader in heavy lifting and transport, to be shortly taken over by QuattroR investment fund, announced, on its Facebook profile, having handled the rotation of  630 tons Veeragallu monolith stone in India.

A particularly heavy lifting which followed other ordinary commitments like the shifting and delivery, on August 5th at Dubai Bluewater Island, of the seventh (out of 8) spoke, 470 tons, 113 metres in length, 15 metres in breadth and 5 in height.

“We promptly and safely delivered 13 of the 16 components designed for Dubai Eye (world's biggest observation wheel), loading them on our barge and shipping them from the manufacturing site in the Emirates for over 2,200 km. The 13 items weigh overall 8,000 tons” illustrates a memo issued by the company.

Meanwhile, Cuneo-based Cometto, recently taken over by Faymonville group, announced they will start a new business relation with Italscania engines manufacturer.

In essence the first 12 Scania DC09 and DC13 engines, with emission levels Stage IIIA and Stage IV / Tier 4F, will be delivered.

As pinpointed by Fabrizio Lippi, technical manager at Cometto: “In order to comply with latest new emissions regulations, last year we started to seek which brand could have met two essential  requirements:  compliance with the new rules and manufacturing restrictions.

The height of our self propelled electronic modules, better known as MSPE, must consent them moving behind  a bearing structure to be lifted.

Scania is the only brand which consents us manufacturing electronic and special modules ranging from 200 to 405 kW with an excellent vertical volume, while also complying with emissions rules”.