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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
10/09/18 08:56

EU's approval for ALIS' strategies

The President of the Italian association Grimaldi met with the European Transport Commissioner Bulc in Brussels and illustrated the crucial issues for intermodalism according to operators

A delegation of the Association of Logistics and Sustainable Intermodality (ALIS), headed by its President Guido Grimaldi and by the coordinator of the European Affairs' technical committee Matteo Arcese met with the European Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulç in Brussels.

Having explained ALIS' European and international vocation, as the association includes companies from various EU member States, Grimaldi expressed his appreciation for the Committee's efforts related to the strategic issues for intermodalism included in the legislative dossiers in question, pointing out to the Commissioner Bulc the need to finalize the legislative process related to the proposals under the Community Bodies' examination.

According to ALIS, in order to create a modern and efficient transport system within the single market several critical issues must be solved: protection of free competition, regulations favouring the modal shift (with reference to combined transport: flexibility of the 150 Km criterion according to the suitability of the infrastructure, increase in load capacity allowed), incentive measures such as Ferrobonus and Marebonus, implementation of digital systems (CMR and e-ticketing), reduction of administrative and bureaucratic charges and costs incurred by companies, and the importance of a suitable level playing field to accomplish European intermodalism.

Being interested in the constructive confrontation about technical issues, the Commissioner asked ALIS to keep on providing contributions, ideas and contents to the work of the community executive committee as collector of global requests from intermodal transport qualified players, emphasizing the importance of dialogue with sector operators to create an European transport market in order to find solutions and remove obstacles to multimodal transport.

Grimaldi & C. were identified as a European qualified interlocutor which can be taken as a reference in the debate about the strategic issues related to the on-going change in the transport and logistics sector. They definitely managed to draw attention to European policies favouring intermodalism.




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