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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
13/11/17 09:20

Enhacement of rail traffic between Italy and Hungary

A ‘heavy train’ is being tested by VTG Rail Logistics Austria

VTG Rail Logistics Austria GmbH will offer higher rail capacity from Hungary, with payload on the Hungary-Italy route set to increase by 350 tons.

A gross weight of around 2,075 tons and a cargo weight of just over 1,500 tons on the route from Hungary via Croatia and Slovenia to Italy is being tested for the first time. A payload increase of around 350 tons has therefore been achieved on this route in comparison to previous shipments.

In order to offer the heavy haul train service, specific approval had to be obtained from Hungary and Italy, as well as from the transit countries Croatia and Slovenia; also wagon fittings conforming to the required wagon compositions were compiled.

The train consisted of 26 VTG-owned wagons, comprising 102 m³ hopper wagons (Tagnpps) and 94 m³ or 96 m³ bulk freight wagons; the wagons were loaded with maize and wheat in Kaposvár, Hungary, and then transported across the Gyekenyes/Koprivnica, Savski Marof/Dobova and Sežana/Villa Opicina borders to Carmagnola in Italy.

Traction services in Hungary were performed by CER, the transit from Croatia to Slovenia by RCC and the delivery in Italy by RTC.

The train from Hungary will operate on a regular basis in future. In addition, VTG Rail Logistics intends to extend its heavy haul train services and expand to include additional routes: plans to transport goods from Slovenia or Romania are under way. Depending on the respective infrastructure, VTG anticipates full heavy haul gross weight capacities of up to 2,200 tons and around 1,600 tons in cargo weight.


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