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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
04/06/18 12:00

ECG has a new old Board

President Wolfgang Göbel received a new mandate for a second 2-year term to run the Association of European Vehicle Logistics at the 23rd ECG Spring Congress & General Assembly in Madrid

ECG, the Association of European Vehicle Logistics, announced its new Board which was elected at its annual Spring Congress & General Assembly, held at the Hesperia hotel in Madrid, where a record attendance of over 180 delegates unanimously (re)-elected the Board for a term of 1 year and welcomed 4 new board members.

President Wolfgang Göbel, Chief Sales Officer, Mosolf SE & Co. KG, has received a new mandate for a second 2-year term. Mats Eriksson, CEO, Axess, stepped down as Vice-President but continues in the board for his tenth consecutive year.

Board members serve a one-year term at ECG and the following stood again and were duly re-elected: Marc Adriansens (ICO); Costantino Baldissara (Grimaldi Group); Michael Bünning (BLG Automobile Logistics); Krzysztof Dakowicz (Adampol); René Eisbrich (Lagermax); Ömer Gürsoy (Me-Par); Jon Kuiper (Koopman Logistics Group) and Christian Lang (DB Cargo Logistics).

Four board members stood down, Olivier Benguigui (STVA); Marcos Duato (Flota Suardiaz); Ray MacDowall (ECM Vehicle Delivery Services) and Agustin Fernandez, UECC Iberica. The Association thanks them warmly for their commitment and service.

Their positions have been filled by; Bjorn Svenningsen, UECC who was elected as Vice-President for a term of two years, Jean-Michel Floret, Groupe CAT, Mark Hindley, BCA and Paul Steininger, Hödlmayr International AG. This brings the current total board up to 14 members.

Both Michael Bünning, BLG Automobile Logistics and Hervé Moulin, Renault Nissan Mitsubishi, were granted an Honorary Certificate in Automobile Logistics Management. This honour is awarded each year for outstanding achievement in the field of finished vehicle logistics.



Graduation of Course 12 of the ECG Academy


In Madrid ECG also announced that 21 young professionals have graduated from Course 12 of the ECG Academy and were awarded the prestigious Certificate in Automobile Logistics Management.

Speaking at the Gala dinner of the ECG Spring Congress & General Assembly at the elegant Casino de Madrid ECG President Wolfgang Göbel warmly congratulated the new graduates and welcomed them to the ranks of more than 200 Academy Alumni who have achieved this highly respected qualification. 

In partnership with the Education Unit of KPMG, the ECG Academy was developed in 2006 in response to demand for specialist training for middle managers working in the finished vehicle logistics sector. This is a unique certificate of excellence and is the only formal qualification in vehicle logistics available anywhere in the world. The course takes place over 5 modules and at least 24 days with a combination of intensive practice oriented training and classroom work. These modules are held at different locations around Europe to give the participants insight into the practical realities of the different elements that make up vehicle logistics, as well as the regional variations across Europe.

Each year one exceptional student receives the distinction of being awarded the Giovanni Paci award for Best Student. This year the honour went extraordinarily to two outstanding students for their performance and excellence: Patrick Palussek, Glovis and Andreea Popa, Renault Nissan Mitsubishi.

ECG is also proud to announce that it will launch a new 1 day course on Compliance law training; this tailor-made training course has been developed in cooperation with Belgian Law firm Contrast Law and the first course will be held in September.

The new course expands ECG’s Education portfolio and reinforces commitment to education and training and goes aside the successful Negotiation Management course launched in October 2017, run in partnership with the Negotiation Academy Potsdam (NAP) at the Polish University.


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