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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
02/07/18 09:29

Czech locomotives ready for Italian jobs

Cz Loko's 5 Effishunter 1000, already delivered to Mercitalia Shunting & Terminals (former Serfer), are about to enter into service in Livorno, Ravenna and Milan Smistamento

The Managing Director of CZ Loko Italia srl (founded in 2016 as a sales office as well as service and spare part division, headquartered in Porto Mantovano, Mantova) Marco Danzi confirmed that the 5 Effishunter 1000 locomotives (Class 744.1) ordered in 2017 to the Czech manufacturer Cz Loko (having 3 production plants) by Italian Cargo Railways have already been delivered, and they have already obtained the AMIS certificate from the Italian Railway Safety Agency (ANSF).

The 5 units, already operated by Mercitalia Shunting & Terminals (former Serfer), are going to be used in Livorno, Ravenna and Milan shunting Terminal, and by the end of the year they will receive the AMIS certificate pursuant to the regulation 1/2016 to be used also as regular locomotives, in compliance with their design features.

Cz Loko's first Effishunter 1000 – a new 4-axle locomotive with a single semi-central cab – had arrived in Udine in April. The parameters of the locomotives are optimized for heavy operations in yards and industrial sidings. However, having a maximum speed of 100 km/h, they can provide also in-line traction services. As a matter of fact, the locomotive complies with the TSI regulations and with all the most recent ergonomic and safety standards, and it is equipped with a BL3 safety system provided by ECM and with a fire fighting system provided by ISE.

The procedure for the purchase of 5 new diesel locomotives (with an option for another 5) had been awarded to the Czech manufacturer in April 2017, and the value of the order placed by Mercitalia amounts to some 10 million euro.

15 years after the Locomotives 753 used by several Italian railway cargo companies, Cz Loko's locomotives are back to Italy.

In the past three years, Cz Loko sold a dozen shunting locomotives 741 to Italian yards and terminals after having obtained the AMIS 1/2015 certificate. Two 741.7 locomotives were chartered with purchase option to Terminali Italia, which deploys them at the Verona Quadrante Europa Interport, while another one is operating at the Interport of Novara, two are used by the railway construction company Francesco Ventura, and other such locomotives are operating in Rubiera and Dinazzano Po, together with the other 740 and 752 locomotives already present in Italy.


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