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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
15/07/19 10:30

Contship strengthened its RHM Melzo terminal

The railway company Oceanogate ordered a Cz Loko 741 locomotive for shunting services in the Milan terminal

Contship Italia made another investment in equipment to strengthen the Melzo RHM terminal, which is at the centre of the intermodal network as well as a key component of the Southern Gateway, i.e. the logistics corridor connecting maritime and land terminals with the main Italian and Central/Southern European markets.

This 300,000 sqm intermodal hub is equipped with 7 internal sidings (out of which 4 are longer than 750 to accommodate European-standard trains) and has a capacity of 300,000 TEUs per year.

Contship Italia’s subsidiary railway company Oceanogate announced that it ordered 1 Cz Loko 741 locomotive to be deployed in its Milan terminal for shunting services.

The investment was made in collaboration with CredemLeasing Spa.

The 4-axle near-central single-cabin Cz Loko 741 locomotive features a Caterpillar 3508 engine providing 1000kN for a maximum traction force of 204 kN.

Its diesel-electric transmission and its high-level on-board equipment ensure high-standard performances and reliability, reduced running costs, as well as significant benefits in terms of safety, ergonomics and comfort.

Equipped with a Unicontrols safety subsystem and provided with AMIS ANSF 1/2015 for shunting services, the machine was added to the 12 Cz Loko 741 locomotives which in the past four years entered into operation in Italy.

Angelo Scorza

TAG : Railways