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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
08/10/18 10:26

Confetra reported a slowdown in the freight transport industry growth

According to the association, the first half of 2018 closed with an increase for almost all modes, although at a decreasing rate compared to 2017

Following interviews with “a panel of hundreds of enterprises among the most representative within the various sectors”, Confetra – Italian General Confederation of transports and logistics – observed a slowdown in growth affecting all transport modes and accentuating in the course of the months.

The road (+3.5% in groupage and +4.8% in full-load transport) and carriers (+2.3% in national shipments and +5.5% in international ones) sectors are the strongest, while the worst data concern air transport, which closed the semester with a +0.7% increase after a period of strong expansion (2013-2017 +32.5%), and railway transport (-0.8%) after an uninterrupted growth since 2013.

The slowdown affected also international freights: air traffic witnessed a 1.1% growth in quantity, and 1.1% in turnover; maritime traffic grew by 2.1% in quantity, but it remained stable in turnover. Consistently with road-crossing points, international freights by road recorded a 3.9% growth in quantity and 2.7% in turnover.

Also the maritime sector underwent a slowdown compared to the first half of 2017: container traffic recorded +3.1%, Ro-Ro + 4.7%, and liquid bulk cargoes +1.7% (the data related to Augusta and Cagliari are missing). Solid bulk cargoes are still recording negative data (-0.3%) which, compared with the -11.2% contraction of the first half of 2017, represents an improvement in the trend. Transhipment traffic witnessed a 11.6% decrease which, despite the growth of the ports of Genoa (+17.2%) and Trieste (+9.7%), was affected by the negative performances of the two pure transhipment ports of Gioia Tauro (-8.3%) and Cagliari (-61.8%).

As regards turnover, road haulage alone recorded a recovery consistent with that of traffic, while international freights, in particular air and maritime ones, are still suffering.

Traffic expectations for the second half of 2018 are optimistic for over forty per cent of interviewees (41.5%), who estimate a growth, while 58.5% of them foresees a stable trend, and nobody expects a decrease in traffics.

“The trend resulting from the Note – Confetra explained – reflects the Italian industrial production trend recorded by Istat (Italian National Institute of Statistics), as well as the trade trend worldwide which, although it is still expanding, in the second quarter recorded a slowdown affecting half-year results”. According to the president of the association Nereo Marcucci, “global growth is slowing down due to protectionism, and we are waiting for the Brexit outcome. However, entrepreneurs are still confident and they will discuss this issue on the 17th at Confetra's Public Assembly in Rome, at the presence of the Minister of Infrastructures and Transports Danilo Toninelli”.




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