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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
10/06/19 12:16

Civitavecchia interport formally transferred to CFFT

Meanwhile operations at neighbouring Privilege shipyard, taken over by Malta-based Royalton months ago, haven't started yet

As posted on Facebook by former Civitavecchia Major, Antonio Cozzolino, while thanking Bankruptcy tribunal for their cooperation and the attempt to rescue jobs, sale procedure to transfer ICPL corporate branch to CFFT, which submitted their offer within the 8thauction sale , was finally formalized.

Cozzolino also adding he confides politics might not influence this structure as already occurred in the past.

According to Civonline, CFFT would believe the yard might return operating in 24 months, while  neighbouring yard Privilige, transferred Malta-based Royalton (which previously also owned hull P430) a year ago, is still not operating.

Press rumours are that AdSP is allegedly undertaking due evaluations on the buyer, started after the Authority received a dossier regarding the group's ailing financial situation.

Meanwhile Fiom-CGIL of Civitavecchia Roma Nord Viterbo asked for a final response regarding the return to operation: “Although being aware that such a project might need time to be launched, we believe this is the right time to get answers regarding the future of this project.