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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
21/11/16 09:45

Circle reaches the conclusion of 2016 with extremely positive results

The Genoa-based company worked, among others, at the Gate Automation and Railway Fast Corridor projects for the Padua Inland Terminal


2016 was extremely positive for the company based in Genoa.

Circle has supported some of the most important Italian logistic players along their way towards automation and digitization of procedures and information flows.

In particular, with the projects "Rail Gate Automation" and "Railway Fast Corridor", the Padua Inland Terminal, one of the most relevant logistic hubs in Europe, has made a remarkable step to maximize the efficiency of its operating procedures.

Circle, with its historical partner Aitek, has participated in the creation of a rail gate for automation of the containers and wagons control incoming and outgoing from the logistics terminal. The new gate is equipped with cameras for capturing HD images of the surfaces of both containers and wagons, laser scanners for detecting the beginning of each wagon and container, the direction and speed of trains. Once captured the images, the solution runs by Circle - the MILOS Gate Automation module, and Aitek – the Sesamo module, thanks to the use of OCR technology, allows to recognize the container code and the identification code of each wagon incoming or outgoing from the rail gate, checking automatically the train list and verifying that the actual composition of the train matches the theoretical one.

Moreover, Circle supported Padua Inland Terminal in realizing the complete digitization of the “Railway Fast Corridor”, the innovative Customs procedure that allows to reduce the transit time and transportation costs of containers carried by rail from the port of La Spezia towards Padua Inland Terminal. Also, it will make possible the transmission and receiving in advance of all data relating railway operations from PCS (e.g. APNET of port of La Spezia) to the Corrodor Managenent Platform, a software that manages data exchange between terminals and logistics operators in the port of La Spezia.

During 2016, Circle has collaborated with Nola Inland Terminals, Central Tuscany Inland Terminal, and Vespucci Inland Terminal, supporting them in the evolution of their operational, customs and IT services in order to improve the efficiency and integration of this services.

Besides this collaborations, Circle in 2016 has two ongoing projects targeting innovative solutions for logistics management with two important players at national level, Noberasco and Snatt Logistica/Omlog.

Another three projects are about to reach their final phases. The main objective is digitalizing and simplifying the export procedures of two important multinational companies that export their goods from four Italian ports.

During the last months, Circle has strengthen its position on international level, currently establishes promising relations in Saudi Arabia (in port of Jeddah), in Turkey (in port of Mersin), where the foundations for a new project were laid for implementing new solutions based on Internet of Things technologies, and in Morocco (port of Tangier) for the implementation of International Fast Trade Lane.

An upcoming 2017 is seen full of important innovative changes for Circle thanks to its JVs in Oporto, Istanbul, Mersin, Riad, and Jeddah. There is a precise target to direct efforts towards further development and consolidating the innovative solution MILOS and strengthening of its presence on international level.