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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
25/06/19 11:07

Change of driver at Assoferr’s helm

Irene Pivetti - without specific experience as rail operator - replaced Gazzola (VTG) as president of the railway wagons lobby

Assoferr, the Italian Railway and Intermodal Operators Association, unexpectedly appointed a new President with no experience in the sector.

As a matter of fact, during the Governing Council held in Milan at the end of May, Assoferr renewed its offices and appointed former President of the Chamber of Deputies and current Only Italy – a service company focusing on the internationalization of Italian enterprises – Chairman Irene Pivetti as president of the association. 

The latter will be supported by the persons in charge of the categories appointed: Livio Ambrogio (Ambrogio Intermodal) Angelo Chigioni (Lucchini RS), Guido Gazzola (VTG) and Andreas Nolte (Transwaggon).

During the Milan meeting, Assoferr made significant amendments to its statutes in order to allow the association to operate in a leaner and more effective manner with regard to railway cargo issues involving all the relevant sectors.

“I thank the Governing Council for the confidence it put in me.

I take full responsibility for the task entrusted to our association: promoting the railway transport industry, in the interest of the entire production system.

Investments in infrastructures, international projections, incentives to the most virtuous companies and compensation of the gap between Southern Italy and the rest of the country will be the first appeals to be submitted to the Italian Government”, Pivetti declared, adding that she will arrange a “meeting with Minister Toninelli within the next two weeks”.

This is in line with the Lombard politician's approach to the railway sector. In fact, she has always acknowledged that she approaches intermodal and logistics activities with a different attitude – relying on the technical support of railways specialized consultants – and with a lobbying philosophy. Obviously, this is exactly what Assoferr’s members expect from her appointment in order to grant more visibility to their association which, despite the eminent presidents that headed it for almost 20-years, has not yet played a vital role among the various trade associations within the transport sector.

Assoferr’s past presidents have always been sector experts.

In 2000, former Assocarri (established in 1945) and Sunfer (established in 1982) Presidents Giovanni Gazzola and Franco Di Girolamo respectively decided to merge their two associations to give rise to a single entity in order to represent Railway Wagon Owners and Railway Operators more effectively.

In November 2000, they appointed Danzas (subsequently taken-over by the DHL Group) manager Ezio Marone as Assoferr president. Soon after that, the two minor associations within the land and maritime intermodal sector Assocombi and Assotim joined Assoferr.

In March 2007, they appointed Giuseppe Pinna – boasting a long experience in the FS Group – as their new president, who was replaced by Armando de Girolamo (Lotras) in 2008.

In 2010, they association’s president was Guido Nicolini (Logtainer), while the last “sectorial” president before Pivetti’s appointment was Guido Gazzola, manager of the German group VTG and former SoGeTank Managing Director, who was appointed during the meeting held on June the 30th 2015.

Angelo Scorza

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