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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
05/11/12 15:23

Caravelle group to merge Ducros Express and Mory

Employees of the French freight forwarders and logistics operators begin to protest as they fear job losses

"November will be critical". The warning is on a leaflet written by representatives of CGT and CFDT, the two largest French unions.
Employees of  Ducros Express and Mory are worried about the merger of the two companies, which is now in the finishing stretch.  Some days ago they have begun to protest outside the headquarter of Ducros in Gonesse, near Paris.
Both companies are owned by the Caravelle group, a specialist in turning around loss-making or underperforming businesses, which now plans to absorb Ducros Express into Mory by January 2013.
Ducros Express has been established following the acquisition in 2010 of the French branch of DHL Deutsche Post, in loss; it is the third largest French network for parcels transportation.
Mory, taken over in September 2011, specializes in logistics and transport service too, with a focus on express deliveries, domestic road transport, sea freight, air freight.
Given the similar business of the companies, trade unions and workers fear that the consolidation could lead to job losses, but the concern is unjustified according to Eric Lefranc, General Manager of both. As reported by WK Transport-Logistics-, the GM is sure that the two firms are not oversized, 'thanks' to the cuts already made during previous reorganization processes.
Second, the employees of Ducros Express fear that the merger could lead to a downward adjustment of their contract, which is currently more favourable than the one of their future colleagues of Mory.
Overall, the merger will involve 5,200 employees, 2,500 of Ducros and 2,700 of Mory.