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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
30/07/18 10:30

Caloni looking Eastward

The Italian transport company opened a branch in Hungary: “We are investing, not delocalising. This country is a springboard for Europe”

Caloni Trasporti Chairman and Managing Director Nicola Caloni decided to invest in Hungary.

The Seregno-based (Monza, Brianza) road haulage and logistics company – a family company in its third generation – opened its first foreign branch in Hungary, one year before celebrating its first 80 years of activities in 2019.

Established in 1939, Caloni Trasporti currently boasts 13 branches, 60 distribution centres, a 30 million euro turnover resulting from 645,000 consignments, 7.5 million parcels in Italy and in Europe, across 58 foreign destinations.

Bordering with Slovenia, Nagykanizsa will host Caloni's foreign branch, representing the first step towards a more consolidated expansion in Hungary as an interchange hub on the distribution line connecting the Italian network (from Padua) to Hungary in 48-72 hours on a daily basis.

However, Caloni made a 5-year investment plan, that has already been settled with Hungarian institutions. “We are launching a new service in this market: a defined, regular and daily service between Italy and Hungary and vice versa. Two drivers will leave in both directions, meeting at the Hungarian interchange hub to rest as provided for by law, while other drivers starting a new shift will take charge of the goods, thus ensuring an uninterrupted connection between the two countries”, the entrepreneur explained. “Once this new service is consolidated – we will provide sure prices granting customized lists calculated on our customers' specific needs – we will start our investment plan”.

Rather than outsourcing, Caloni focused on the natural expansion of its activity first across Italy, and then in Europe. “In Europe, we are currently operating through partnerships allowing us to provide a complete service, but not flexible and adaptable to our customers' specific needs. For this reason, we decided to expand our corporate strategy and to open our direct branches abroad. Following a long examination, we chose Hungary as the right location for our foreign branch.

Besides its economic stability, Hungary has a very developed identity, a significant tradition and economic indices very close to western ones. The middle class is developing and the demand is growing in several sectors, combining the Austro-Hungarian organization with Latin creativity”.  

Meanwhile, the company is expanding its distribution network in Italy.

Besides its centres in Bergamo, Bologna, Padua, Reggio Emilia (opened in September 2017), Ancona, Bari, Pescara, Pesaro, Chieti and Ascoli Piceno, last May Caloni opened its new hub in Galliate (Novara) equipped with a 3,000 sm warehouse.

As its slogan “Art in Motion” points out, besides transports, Caloni also deals with arts and sports, social activities and associations, cooperating with the spokespersons Cinzia Pellin and with the street artist Pasti. “Art perfectly represents our way of working based on a style. As we deal with services, it is difficult to convey it, therefore we tried to express it by devoting ourselves to art, which is man's ultimate expression”.

Caloni Trasporti focuses also on sports as a social promotion means for youths, sponsoring teams in various disciplines: volleyball with Olimpia Bergamo, football with Biassono and U.S. Anconitata, and rugby with Roccia Rubano.

Angelo Scorza

Half a century of industrial handling

The subsidiary OMG got a new logo to celebrate its first 50 years of activity in the reach stackers sector

Last April, Gonzaga-based (Mantova) OMG Srl – a subsidiary of Caloni Trasporti – celebrated 50 years of activity in the reach stackers sector with a new logo, following the relaunch operation of the historical brand FIORA carried out at the end of 2017, that resulted in the creation of the new brand FIORA – OMG Sideloaders maker.

The Mantova-based company operates on three business lines: production of electric, standard and  custom reach stackers to handle any kind of goods, designed and customized for any need and operative environment; marketing of industrial closing systems; industrial painting and sandblasting services.

These three departments operate both abroad and in Italy, where OMG Officine Meccaniche Gonzaga has 4 plants: in Gonzaga (Mantova), with its reach stackers, production and administration department; in Cinisello Balsamo (Milan), with the operational headquarters of its reach stackers and industrial closing systems department; in Montemurlo (Prato), with its reach stackers (charter and sale) and industrial closing systems department; and in Palidano di Gonzaga (Mantova), with its industrial painting and carpentry department.


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