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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
20/05/19 14:57

Bertola sold most of Sittam

Raben increases its presence in Italy in the groupage company

Pursuant to the agreement to tighten cooperation between Raben Group and Sittam Srl, in July 2019 the Group will increase its share in Sittam Srl to 51% and become the majority shareholder of the leader of groupage transport on the Italian market.

“The acquisition is intended to strengthen to position of both companies in the Italian and European markets. Expanding the product portfolio and boosting the operational excellence to increase customer satisfaction  are strategic goals pursued by both organizations. That is the reason why in the second half of April, Sittam and Raben Group reached an agreement to tighten their cooperation through ownership and management changes” says an official statement.

The outcome of the agreement is the decision, following which Raben Group will increase its share in Sittam Srl to 51% in July 2019, and the Bertola family, the former owner of Sittam, will remain a long-term shareholder with 49% of shares. Moreover, the owners decided together to increase the company capital in order to face the challenges of the modern world with a stronger position.

At the end of April 2019, the leadership of Sittam Srl was strengthened by Wojciech Brzuska, a Raben Group manager with over 20 years of experience in the TFL sector, who took over as CEO of Sittam.

“Italy is currently partner no.4 in the global international exchange, which is why the development of connections to and from this market is extremely important from the point of view of the Group strategy. The ongoing transformation is the next step on the road to integration between Raben and Sittam Italy. After launching Sittam groupage connections with Central Europe and the Netherlands, and then a network of daily connections to/from Germany, the time has come for the next milestone” explained Brzuska.

The ongoing transformation is part of the international strategy of Raben Group; its consequence will be an increased customer satisfaction and a stronger position of both companies not only on Italian but, above all, on the European and global market. The acquisition is a confirmation of the even closer cooperation between the two companies.

“Sittam actively cooperates with leading companies in various industries on the Italian market and for current partners, the takeover of majority shares by Raben Group does not mean drastic changes. The company will continue to cooperate with existing businesses according to previously agreed rules”.

Raben Group took over 20% stake in Sittam in April 2017.

The company seat and its central warehouse is located in Cornaredo near Milan.

During the 50 years of operations, Sittam has developed a strong position on the international groupage market in Italy and abroad, consolidating its network throughout Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Middle East. The company also offers sea and air freight in cooperation with over 90 partners, with whom Sittam intends to continue long-term cooperation.


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