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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
22/07/19 10:22

ALIS crossed also the Swiss border

The combined transport operator Hupac joined the association established by the Grimaldi Group

ALIS, the Italian Association for Sustainable Logistics and Intermodalism established by Naples-based Grimaldi Group, was joined by the Swiss company Hupac SA.

“The fact that the leading railway combined transport operator – which has been providing innovative and reliable railway transport services for over 50 years, thus supporting the development of intermodalism through the transfer of freight transport from road to railway – joined our association proves that our cross-cutting approach to the logistics system creates synergies between the various logistics chain players, resulting in economic and environmental benefits for the entire Italian economy”, President Guido Grimaldi observed. “ALIS was established to pursue significant macro-economic objectives in order to simplify all logistics chain activities and to submit the requests of the main operators within its cluster to Companies, Public Institutions and Government Representatives”.

“HUPAC valued the importance of the goals achieved by the association, its professionalism and passion. With ALIS, we hope to boost railway intermodalism and to play an active role within its intermodal committee, as well as in the relations with ALIS Europe for European and international issues”, CEO Bernhard Kunz declared.

Through its European section, ALIS is bringing the strengths and criticalities of transport and sustainable intermodal logistics to the attention of European institutional stakeholders in order to develop and promote new traffic routes, as well as to contribute to determining European transport policies.

Meanwhile, the Association’s Governing Council gathered to present an updated version of its planning document related to Italy’s sustainable growth, which had already been submitted to the members of the Government on June the 10th in Manduria, Apulia.

“This version includes additional suggestions and sectoral contributions received by our technical Committees Coordinators, with special reference to the following issues in order to improve Italian logistics companies’ competitiveness in the domestic and continental market: Marebonus and Ferrobonus, Port taxes rearrangement, Vehicle Fleet Renewal, Motorway tolls reduction, Reduction of the excise licence for LNG vehicles, E-cmr, Smart Tachograph, Simplification and regulatory rearrangement, Simplification of intermodal logistics for dangerous goods, Simplification of overhauling procedures for vehicles used for third-party transport of goods, Youth Employment, Improvement of working conditions, Development of Southern Italy, Monitoring of sea pollution and Relaunch of products made in Italy”, Grimaldi pointed out.    

“We believe that Marebonus and Ferrobonus incentives should become structural by granting contributions directly to transport and logistics companies, and by simplifying bureaucratic procedures to receive them. Meanwhile, we also hope for a regulatory adjustment on a national basis, rather than diversified by region, with regard to the exemption from the excise licence for LNG vehicles”.

After the Meeting, ALIS and the environmental association Marevivo onlus signed a memorandum of understanding to adopt virtuous behaviours in order to protect the environment.


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