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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Locked 25/10/21 11:30

DB Schenker inaugurates a new hub at Quadrante Europa for cross-docking

The German company, already present in Verona for 25 years, has opened a structure in the freight village with a green footprint and an ideal layout for the circulation of goods

Locked 18/10/21 10:02

TX Logistik puts two more Vectrons into its fleet

The newly built locomotives are leased to Mercitalia’s subsidiary from Alpha Trains

Locked 18/10/21 10:05

Automotive logistics in crisis, ECG’s members comes together for survival

Two years after the last public event the annual conference of the Association of European Vehicle Logistics gathers 300 associates for a broad discussion on the crisis situation facing the sector

Locked 15/10/21 18:41

Switzerland completes colonization on the Piedmontese intermodalism

Combiconnect, a subsidiary of Hupac, will manage operations of the inland terminal of the Novara CIM Freight Village, taking over the activities of Eurogateway

Locked 11/10/21 10:22

Ignazio Messina brings Milan and Genoa closer with digitalization

Navis Master Terminal software arrives at the Segrate depot, already in operation at the quays of the Ligurian port

Locked 11/10/21 10:33

UTLC ERA places two pairs of trains in the new Kaliningrad terminal

The newly created transport and logistics center has an annual capacity of 450,000 TEUs and is specialized in export and import between Asia and Europe

Chiuso 11/10/21 10:39

Hupac strengthens links between Italy and Scandinavia

The frequency of departures increases on the service connecting Bucharest with Vienna too, and from there with many other European destinations

Chiuso 11/10/21 10:36

CargoBeamer inaugurates its new terminal in Calais

The intermodal hub will also be connected to Italy thanks to a regular service with the Domodossola freight terminal

Chiuso 04/10/21 10:12

Gaussin partners with Hydrogen-Refueling-Solutions

The French company will provide the logistics vehicle manufacturer’s customers with at least 36 hydrogen refueling stations by 2026

Chiuso 04/10/21 10:10

CMA CGM's Air Cargo flies: two Boeing 777F ordered

The two aircrafts will expand the division opened in February 2021 by the French global carrier

Chiuso 04/10/21 10:06

Maersk goes ahead in e-commerce logistics by buying B2C Europe

After taking over two other companies operating in the sector, the Danish group proceeds on its development of this kind of business

Chiuso 04/10/21 10:04

New railway service between Trieste and Villach

Rail Cargo will connect the Logistics Platform managed by HHLA with Southern Austria on a weekly basis

Chiuso 29/09/21 09:16

Switzerland shows the right way towards sustainable transport

ERFA appreciates the Swiss Alpine model, which just reported the highest modal share of rail freight traffic in transalpine transport in the past 25 years: “this is really how to achieve the expected modal shift”

Chiuso 24/09/21 15:39

Raniero sells a pair of new electric forklifts in Asia

DHL Singapore has acquired 2 RH50-SBE-C to unload and load paper rolls from containers

Chiuso 15/09/21 15:42

Unaccompanied freight can now cross the Channel

Getlink launches a new innovative rail service through Eurotunnel with daily departures

Chiuso 13/09/21 10:55

Continuous investments in equipment for Autamarocchi

The haulage company owned by Zabai expands the fleet of semi-trailers produced by Kässbohrer, takes delivery of new Iveco tractors and buys reefer containers equipped with GenSets

Chiuso 13/09/21 10:52

Musso makes the deal in the boxes

Grendi acquires 50 containers originally bound for BoxLine from Sicom

Chiuso 13/09/21 10:50

Edison's gas brought from Knutsen arrived in Ravenna from the sea

Tests are underway for the first Italian LNG terminal, managed by DIG, a joint venture controlled by Ottolenghi’s PIR

Chiuso 10/09/21 11:38

Even railways companies may have a green attitude and a social soul

Mercitalia Rail’s subsidiary TX Logistik has named after its employees its new wagons while its locomotives bear a motto about sustainability

Chiuso 09/09/21 16:58

Hannibal strengthens the rail link between Milan and Rotterdam

The relationship now has 11 weekly round trips, 7 to and from the Rail Service Center and 3 to and from Terminal C.RO Botlek

Chiuso 08/09/21 15:42

DSV flies down Panalpina flag

The historical name of the Swiss freight forwarding company acquired in 2019 is dropped down

Chiuso 07/09/21 14:16

Kombiverkehr links the Baltic to the Adriatic

The German combined transport operator now connects the port of Kiel with the interport of Verona

Chiuso 06/09/21 10:19

Container freight skyrocketing, even Ikea to become a shipowner

The Swedish chain of furniture stores has announced its intention to purchase its own containers and meanwhile charter ships for its logistics chain

Chiuso 02/09/21 14:23

Offshore navigation…less off

PKF Italy TCL clarifies some issues: Simplifications for non-resident shipowners and non-taxable VAT only possible upon submitting declaration

Chiuso 31/08/21 16:29

TX Logistik strengthens the connection between Italy and Germany

The German company of Mercitalia-FS Group has announced an increase in departures on the railway line that connects Milan Segrate to Duisburg DUSS

Chiuso 30/08/21 10:45

Bruni is still hungry: after Bossi & C. Transiti, now Green Carrier AB

JAS Worldwide continues to expand its global presence in the logistics sector by acquiring the Swedish company and thus finalizing the fourth take over in 2021