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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Locked 21/05/18 10:02

Grendi cycling for sustainable logistics

Starting from Cagliari, the Sardinia-Ligurian group launched its last mile distribution of packages by a new Cargo Bike vehicle, thus complying with the prevailing green transport trend

Locked 14/05/18 10:01

A quite rough Silk Road…

These are no longer Marco Polo's times: opportunities and difficulties related to the Chinese Belt & Road Initiative outlined in a debate at the International Propeller Club Port of Venice

Locked 14/05/18 10:06

Italy first in Europe for ZES

The recent law allows the country to be the first founding member of the European Community and the first Western European State to adopt rules expressly directed to the regulation of exceptional instruments for accelerating economic development

23/04/18 11:06

CMA CGM to become more logistics

The French container carrier will buy 25% stake into Ceva Logistics in parallel with the participated company's project for an IPO at the Zurich Stock Exchange

Chiuso 09/04/18 11:17

Joint venture on the virtuous path of gas

The Italian Company for Gas Transportation (Sitragas) was established as a partnership between two leader companies in the sector, Ankorgaz spa and Marenzana spa, to develop LNG transport

Chiuso 26/03/18 11:31

New cars to get to Livorno by train

Go-ahead for the new connection between Trmava (Slovakia) and the Sintermar terminal for PSA's finished vehicles. Also another new service from Bologna to the Lorenzini terminal is operational