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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
20/03/20 10:13

Also Switzerland is close to business

Berna declared an extraordinary situation and introduced new measures to tackle the COVID-19 emergency while additional money for rail freight were allocated

Chiuso 02/03/20 09:55

Liguria to focus on imports in Italian-Russian trade

During the fourth edition of the event organized by the Association Conoscere Eurasia, the Liguria Region and the Russian Consulate in Genoa emphasized the role of Italy as a natural connection between Russian and the EU

Chiuso 24/02/20 08:55

Two new jobs for Bedeschi

The Padua-based company gained contracts from Lafarge Holcim Maroc and from Riga Bulk Terminal

Chiuso 10/02/20 10:11

Tirrenia suspended its freight connection between Naples and Catania

The company explained its decision to transport companies: “the line was unaffordable due to insufficient traffics”. In the meantime, CGIL, CISL and UIL trade unions announced a strike on March the 13th to protest against the closing down of the company’s offices in Naples and Cagliari

Chiuso 10/02/20 09:31

Coronavirus affected also the shipping and logistics sectors

Sixteen Chinese ports offer tariff exemptions and reductions, but the number of ‘blank voyages’ increased. Cosulich: “Damages are huge, but the danger is overestimated”. In the meantime, BIMCO prohibited its staff from travelling to the Middle East, a cruise ship is in quarantine off the Japanese coasts and road haulage companies are not rejoicing about the decrease in oil prices