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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Locked 16/07/18 09:51

Official Swiss opening in the Flanders

Logistics and transport combined operator Bertschi started to operate its new plastics terminal at the port of Antwerp where it will develop a trimodal chemical logistics hub

Chiuso 02/07/18 09:29

Czech locomotives ready for Italian jobs

Cz Loko's 5 Effishunter 1000, already delivered to Mercitalia Shunting & Terminals (former Serfer), are about to enter into service in Livorno, Ravenna and Milan Smistamento

Chiuso 25/06/18 10:32

Belgian take-over in Veneto

H.Essers acquired Baxter's logistics activities in Monselice and strengthened its pharmaceutical and healthcare activities in Italy

Chiuso 04/06/18 12:00

ECG has a new old Board

President Wolfgang Göbel received a new mandate for a second 2-year term to run the Association of European Vehicle Logistics at the 23rd ECG Spring Congress & General Assembly in Madrid

Chiuso 04/06/18 11:59

More opportunities than risks from China's global initiative

During the workshop organized in Lugano by Easternational and Hong Kong Trade Development Council on the impact of the New Silk Road on Switzerland (and on the rest of the Western world) a new interesting background of the Chinese dream was disclosed

Chiuso 28/05/18 11:42

Intermodal push for P&O Ferrymasters

Multi-million investment in 240 new swap body freight containers to further extend its pan-European intermodal logistics network

Chiuso 28/05/18 11:19

The B.R.U.C.O project recovered for the Silk Road

Shipowner Bruno Musso reintroduced a renewed version of the project regarded as a “courageous and innovative solution for Northern Italian logistics, that could exchange the roles of Northern Europe and Genoa”

Chiuso 21/05/18 10:02

Grendi cycling for sustainable logistics

Starting from Cagliari, the Sardinia-Ligurian group launched its last mile distribution of packages by a new Cargo Bike vehicle, thus complying with the prevailing green transport trend

Chiuso 14/05/18 10:06

Italy first in Europe for ZES

The recent law allows the country to be the first founding member of the European Community and the first Western European State to adopt rules expressly directed to the regulation of exceptional instruments for accelerating economic development

Chiuso 14/05/18 10:01

A quite rough Silk Road…

These are no longer Marco Polo's times: opportunities and difficulties related to the Chinese Belt & Road Initiative outlined in a debate at the International Propeller Club Port of Venice