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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
20/04/15 15:14

Evergreen betrays Taranto

The unprecedented (and sole) feeder to the Piraeus will call at Bari. Port Preisident Prete cries to the Government

20/04/15 16:57

Uirnet becomes the centre of a controversy

Newly appointed Transport Minister Delrio was questioned about the procedures followed, about the private nature of Concessionaire and about the conflict of interest between Fai Service and public subsidies received by the company

20/04/15 16:23

Is the Bonatesta's ailing ship going to begin a new life?

The old and crumbling ro-ro Sabrina – abandoned by the shipowning company controlled by Brindisi-based haulage contractor due to a protracted litigation with state-owned Bijela yard – was purchased at auction by a Montenegrin entrepreneur Bonatesta's defence: “I wasted quite a large amount of money on that ship, definitely helped by RINA, the Italian Harbour Masters, Brindisi Port Authority and of course by the yard! That's why we determined leaving her in Montenegro”

20/04/15 16:52

Swiss RE has got talent to teach in Genoa

The Italian branch of the reinsurance company, specialized in marine business, is able to tackle one of the biggest challenges faced by the insurance industry today through its own program

13/04/15 11:13

Autamarocchi: further steps towards Europe and hi-tech!

Trieste-based company merges conventional and containers divisions so as to provide greater flexibility and increase supplies, while the company is diversifying its services, investing in new means, in foreign countries and continuing specializing

13/04/15 12:07

Russia delays its gas ambitions and allures Greece

Rosneft’s LNG plant of Sakhalin postponed by a few years due to prices fell and financing dried for Western sanctions while Putin offers Tsipras to become its logistics hub for exporting LNG to Europe thus surpassing the Ukrainian bottleneck