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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
09/12/19 09:49

Paolo Clerici’s hat-trick in his hometown

Long weekend with honorary degree at the University of Genoa, opening of the gardens named after his father Jack opposite former Coeclerici’s headquarters and presentation of the series ‘Storia della Marineria Mercantile Italiana’ [History of the Italian Merchant Navy] at the Galata Sea Museum

02/12/19 09:47

Lega Nord to pave the way for the PSA-SECH merger

The collapse of the Morandi Bridge was used to eliminate the prohibition concerning double concessions in ports (and to help Savona-based CULP as well as Port Authorities being late for localized variations)

02/12/19 09:44

Cruise companies and RCT stopped di Majo’s tax revolution

The Regional Administrative Court approved the rights of use imposed by the Port Authority, but it annulled the acts related to their implementation since they had not been submitted to the opinion of the Partnership Body. Draft budgets (2019 and 2020) might be subject to variations

02/12/19 09:41

Caronte tricked MSC in Gioia Tauro

In the meantime, the new gantry cranes for the container terminal arrived, while Autoterminal (Grimaldi’s affiliate) was granted 65,000 sqm to expand

02/12/19 09:45

Grimaldi purchased Moby’s former ship

he Neapolitan group took over from Trasmediterranea the ferry Ciudad de Cadiz, which was built by Visentini and used to belong to the Onorato group under the name Maria Grazia On

02/12/19 09:54

MSC Cargo is not fond of LNG

The Swiss shipping line stated that this will not be a viable option for use as a bunker fuel to match IMO 2020 global regulation

02/12/19 09:40

Captrain Italia to continue its steady pace of growth

Fourth ‘truffle’ corporate convention for the transalpine freight railway company, which confirmed its option for 10 additional Bombardier locomotives, entered the Austrian and Swiss markets and celebrated a 2019 record turnover