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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
13/04/15 11:13

Autamarocchi: further steps towards Europe and hi-tech!

Trieste-based company merges conventional and containers divisions so as to provide greater flexibility and increase supplies, while the company is diversifying its services, investing in new means, in foreign countries and continuing specializing

13/04/15 12:07

Russia delays its gas ambitions and allures Greece

Rosneft’s LNG plant of Sakhalin postponed by a few years due to prices fell and financing dried for Western sanctions while Putin offers Tsipras to become its logistics hub for exporting LNG to Europe thus surpassing the Ukrainian bottleneck

13/04/15 11:09

An unsolvable dispute at ASTAG

The Swiss Association of commercial vehicles operators sharply dismissed newly appointed Director Judith Fischer for “different objectives”

07/04/15 11:31

New deal for Damco

Coop Denmark sign exclusive partnership agreement including all inbound logistics activities from Asia