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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
25/07/16 12:16

New European dispute on Naples

The investigation launched by DG Competition might also spread on other measures taken by Port Authority up to over 100 million Euro assumed State-subsidies. Several companies controlled by MSC group are involved

25/07/16 11:54

Depositi Costieri di Trieste starts operating again

The Regional tribunal suspended disruption of fuel supply, enforced by Customs Authority after one the depot's customers infringed the Italian fiscal law. Operators still remain under the Damocle's sword of this rule. The shadow of the 'Labirinto' wheeler-dealer (and not only) threaten oil trading business

18/07/16 10:11

2M alliance to add an H

South Korean carrier Hyundai Merchant Marine – after reaching an agreement with its creditors – is to join Maersk and MSC as from April 2017

11/07/16 10:30

Tears of Joy: port workers' redundancies will be State-funded

Gioia Tauro Port Authority won't establish a company ex art 17 but the Government will launch an employment Agency to support workers in all transhipment ports, also encompassing Taranto and Cagliari. Meanwhile Calabria region was allocated 40 million Euro for the new drydock. MSC wants the drydock

11/07/16 11:56

SAVE rejects an option on VTP

Private groups, which joined partnership in Venezia Investimenti, finally attained green light to takeover APVS 48% shares, whereas supporting Veneto Region