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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
23/11/15 10:49

ANAC's shadow on Merlo's last POT

An enquiry of the National Antitrust Authority investigates on the adjudication of the public tender for the construction of a new eco-friendly platform at Calata Oli Minerali By December 5th the Port Authority’s reply, maybe including changes to the 3-year plan

16/11/15 10:35

Change of mind for Trafigura

The commodity trader abdicates from coal handling in its Colombian project to focus on the more lucrative container business

09/11/15 11:00

DB Schenker to depart from Genoa only once

A three-weekly service carrying chemical products train will start as from next January. But Managing Director Bellavita believes the port has only a regional dimension to appeal the German group's trade flows