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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
20/10/14 15:45

Confitarma keeps the Italian flag flying

President Grimaldi calls Banks and Institutions for help: “Finance and taxation have become two dominant detrminants of competitiveness within the international scenario”

20/10/14 16:20

Shipping continues being 'Hellas Über Alles!'

The ‘Marine Money’ conference 2014 discloses a country which still bets on the maritime business, listing a large number of daring shipowners despite current crisis is badly affecting Athens and the Government in office continues asking for money

21/10/14 00:00

Cars and tulips for Baldissara & Co.

The annual conference of ECG in Amsterdam - ennobled by the presence of big guns among European institutional stakeholders - showed an industry of finished vehicles logistics service providers in slow but confident recovery

16/10/14 10:40

How green is my port when in Spain!

Italy, through a few exhibitors gathered under the Assoporti umbrella, shows its sustainable environmental practices at GreenPort Congress in Barcelona

13/10/14 14:12

Ten years in a row for Boluda Lines

The shipping division, specialist in transporting perishable products, has been present uninterruptedly at Conxemar Fair where it presented its reinforced service to Mauritania