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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
28/01/19 12:51

The Greats of the Earth seen from a Small company

The Netherlands’ based consultancy Corporate Casting, gone Davos, gives her view on the Caspian Week event within the World Economic Forum 2019

As an entrepreneur you learn to appreciate the difference between good clients and good relations. Sometimes clients can become good relations and it is a given that it is less likely that good relationships become clients.

But as well-educated and more seasoned you become with the years you have learned that it is wise to always remain in contact; you never know what the future has in stock.

A long-lasted relation surprised me in the most unexpected way. Not the regular applause and good meant advise, this time I got a true present that was beyond imagination.

I’ve got an invitation to join the Caspian week at the World Economic Forum in Davos: in short the WEF. I was invited to join the conference hosted by Murat Seitnepesov, CEO of Integral Petroleum.

The editor in chief and publisher of Ship2Shore, Angelo Scorza, who moderated the debate thought that I, Astrid van Heumen, could be an interesting voice of the new world, regarding the question how to bridge the gap between the fast and unstoppable global technical developments, the large investments involved as well as the logistics dynamics in the transport and shipping industry.

How does this effect current leadership and the quest for talent.

How to include diversity and inclusion and what is needed in this industry to remain attractive for the next generation high-educated employees and entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale ups.

It was a wonderful experience, good to be part of the ambitious team of people that all want to make the world a better place.

We all know by now: that alone you might be faster but together you come further.

As an example we heard out first hand ‘the almost the good to be true SF story of the Hyperloop’ CEO and Co-Founder Bibob Gresta, who told us that October 2020 people can experience the new way of transportation in Abu Dhabi.

Riccardo Fuochi from OMLOG international gave us insight how impactful the Chinese initiative: the New Silk Route is.

If we work together wisely we do not speak about the 4th industrial revolution, we can talk better about the new globalisation with the digital developments incorporated. 

Alexandra Gadzala gave a glimpse of the impact of all developments on the soft side of the industry. Crossover digital international transport of this seize will impact, law and social order. For example developments like new fast-track-roads through the continent of Africa can de-stabilise local structure. But for the Chinese hunger for global leadership it doesn’t matter, it is just a ‘stand in the way’ for a completed project. This all means new challenges and opportunities.

Host of the week Murat Seitnepesov emphasized the importance of the Caspian region and the impact of the success formula when the triangle dimension of Policy & Law, Industry & Science and Markets & Finance will work cross boarder together. As a practical example the fresh established, announced at the conference by the same Turkmenian shipping entrepreneur the newco called Caspian Container Company as an inter-nations consortium. 

Irene Pivetti, the former youngest president of the Italian House of Parliament in the mid-90s who has become an entrepreneur as a trader between Italy and China and as such needs logistics support to her business development, warned on the interveners of the usual suspects in the railway connections (e.g. German and Russian state railways), trying to steal other countries natural trade. In her ‘logistical nationalist message’ she was technically supported by her business partner Giuseppe Buganè speaking in behalf only Italia Logistics. 

Last but not least Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou of WISTA International, holding a ship management company in Cyprus, introduced the question of the technological evolution in the shipping industry; she stated that it must not to be feared but should be embraced rather more as great opportunity to modernise transport and shipping to fit the future demands in line with the fast technical developments.

From Corporate Casting modest point of view, pops up the question what can be our role to facilitate organisations to deal with the impact of these global developments for leadership.

How can we facilitate, interact and make sure the right talented players will start acting in your future script.

How can we as a small player convince you that we are your new partner in this adventurous new decade?

We will deliver quality and the knowhow you need as we bridging the gap between the today’s establishment and the brave new world out there.

I had the honour to talk and discuss with some key players from different industries and countries, what all of these will this mean for todays and future leadership and management.

How it will evolves the so-called perfect future skill-set, to succeed. What is going to drive the future script of the key players in politics and how shall it impact our social and economic reality.

How do we protect mankind for megalomania when the politicians are driving international companies and listed corporates agenda’s and when CEO’s of the new key industries get more and more involved in the political arena?

We need to be aware of the ethical aspect that will match the future need and human expertise.

So it happens that a small and brave company like mine was able to make a view remarks and made perhaps for some a point in Davos. And yes of course I’m proud that I was in part of the entourage. Corporate Casting was there, witnessing the good will of those who are in play.

The good thing is that ‘one quote’ will still remain the same, as much as it was in the 1600, when Shakespeare wrote it: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”

And for me there is hope. It was said to me that size doesn’t matter and that all impactful companies started once just with one person with a great idea and a team to make it happen. 

And I need to believe in it as I want to play my part and hope to impact your organisation or company to find the right people to for fill their role in the future script of your corporate.

What means size when you realize the enormous impact the World Economic Forum has had since the first in 1971, it makes Davos, situated on top of the world, every January the centre of the universe, the navel of the world in all its essence: social, economic, political.

Astrid van Heumen

CEO Corporate Casting

Former Investment Banker at JPMorgan, commodity trader at ADM, marketing manager at the Port Authority of Amsterdam & Amsterdam Cruise Port


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