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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 10/06/19 12:53

A milestone in transportation of LNG produced in Arctic along Northern Sea Route

Novatek, COSCO Shipping, Sovcomflot and Silk Road Fund Sign have signed an Agreement in respect of the Maritime Arctic Transport LLC

Chiuso 10/06/19 12:19

Ottolenghi celebrated a decade of successful business on the other side of the Adriatic

Subsidiary PIA Petrolifera Italo Albanese (PIR Group), the Vlore-based (Albania) terminal operator dealing with LPG and oil products, celebrated first 10 years of activity

Chiuso 27/05/19 12:44

Offshore moves for ENI and Saipem

The contractor sealed two orders in Norway and the Middle East, while San Donato Milanese-based major company was assigned a provisional licence in Argentina

Chiuso 20/05/19 15:16

LNG: new alliance between Gas and Heat and Ecospray

Leghorn-based provider and Costa Crociere's subsidiary will be developing boil off gas waste and liquefaction systems

Chiuso 20/05/19 14:55

Clerici to arrange a trio… of new allies

Coeclerici’s Chairman devises fresh strategies – “We are thinking about new partnerships in three different business sectors” – while enjoying its record-breaking budgetary results, and being ready to invest profits in further initiatives

Chiuso 20/05/19 12:56

ENI is looking for a logistics operator in Porto Empedocle

The San Donato-based company is looking for a supplier for its Cassiopea project related to the development of a natural gas field off-shore Sicily’s southern coasts

Chiuso 20/05/19 12:28

The big players of the gas industry held a debate at the LNG summit in Naples

At the second Small Scale Conference in Naples Edison, SNAM, Gazprom and Higas presented their projects. Methane is regarded as essential for the energy transition from old fossil sources to new renewable sources

Chiuso 29/04/19 11:20

Bartolotti’s offshore fleet is back on the right track

Micoperi’s Chairman announced a profit, after three years of losses, setting further ambitious market targets, confiding the Italian Government makes more cautious choices about drilling activities

Chiuso 29/04/19 10:58

Positive prospects on the market trend

Different sources in the industry predict LNG spot rate recovery

Chiuso 23/04/19 12:45

Trafigura enters into petrochemical trading joint venture

The alliance with Altis Group International will include two new trading entities focusing on bulk liquid chemicals

Chiuso 15/04/19 11:06

Cauvin Metals and banchero costa: unprecedented joint acquisition

The two partners illustrate reasons and expectations which induced them taking over SAIF trading company

Chiuso 08/04/19 12:55

Some more new energy coming from Romagna

The Oil & Gas industry to cope with the decommissioning process imposed by the Italian Government. From Saipem to ENI, the updated ‘right-mix’ of energy policies to be implemented were presented during OMC 2019 event in Ravenna

Chiuso 08/04/19 12:53

Saipem to negotiate the sale of core drilling businesses

Helmerich and Payne, Patterson-Uti, Pioneer Energy Services, Transocean and Noble, rumored to be potential buyers

Chiuso 01/04/19 14:36

ROCA’s dossier handed over to the Italian Government by its ambassador Giorgetti

The Under-Secretary to the Presidency of the Council of Italian Ministers attended the opening of the biennial oil & gas OMC, reporting the protests, supported by actual data, of the Romagna offshore contractors’ cluster against the 2018 measure damaging Adriatic drills

Chiuso 01/04/19 14:25

The Italian politicians attended Ravenna’s great offshore event making promises but without actual commitments

Lega representative Giorgetti and M5S Castelli attended the 3-day meeting OMC Offshore Mediterranean Conference, where the active role of operators in the energy industry was confirmed, although without receiving adequate answers from Rome, which learnt a lesson about energy policies by Ravenna’s young Mayor

Chiuso 01/04/19 12:44

Hectic activity for Nakilat of Qatar

A new joint venture with Angelicoussis’ shipping company Maran Ventures established; another 4 LNG carriers ordered; subsidiary Nakilat-Keppel Offshore & Marine completed its first FSRU unit

Chiuso 25/03/19 12:35

Australia ready to bet on Italian LNG: taking over 50% shares in OLT

Sydney-based First State Investment fund would be ready to take over from Uniper 48.24% shares in the company managing Leghorn-based regasificator

Chiuso 18/03/19 16:48

Offshore industry took stock of the difficult situation and obtained a confrontation with the Government in Ravenna

‘Expanding Mediterranean energy sector: fuelling regional growth’: this is the official theme of the XIV edition of the Offshore Mediterranean Conference (OMC) scheduled for the end of March, with the participation of the energy Ministers of 5 Mediterranean Countries and OPEC, ENI, Edison and Saipem top management

Chiuso 18/03/19 12:21

Quadripartite partnership in the Eurasian area to foster international transport

Meeting of foreign ministers of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania and Turkmenistan to establish a cooperation along a transport route between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea

Chiuso 11/03/19 14:32

Marina Rimini is latest client of Solaris Acquae

Even the yacht harbour in Romagna wanted to avail this technology and will use for its 662 moorings 80 m3/day of water at zero km, coming from the sea, desalinated and purified thanks to a new reverse osmosis technology