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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
18/03/19 16:48

Offshore industry took stock of the difficult situation and obtained a confrontation with the Government in Ravenna

‘Expanding Mediterranean energy sector: fuelling regional growth’: this is the official theme of the XIV edition of the Offshore Mediterranean Conference (OMC) scheduled for the end of March, with the participation of the energy Ministers of 5 Mediterranean Countries and OPEC, ENI, Edison and Saipem top management

Titone, Cameliani, Gigante, Nanni, Righini

The XIV edition of the Offshore Mediterranean Conference scheduled for 27-29 March in Ravenna and entitled “Expanding Mediterranean energy sector: fuelling regional growth” was presented at Assomineraria’s seat in Rome.

“Given the difficulties of this sector at a global level, and especially in Italy, organizing this event has not been easy”, the organizers’ representative and OMC Srl Chairman Renzo Righini admitted.

The opening will be entrusted to the Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council Giancarlo Giorgietti, who will testify Italy’s efforts to achieve energy independence, respecting the environment and using innovative technologies.

“The Italian Government will have to deal with this issue through a direct confrontation with the sector’s operators in order to create regulations that protect companies, jobs and the environment”, the politician observed referring to the anti-drilling vicissitudes affecting Romagna due to the government’s controversial decisions.

The 2019 edition of the biennial energy event will focus on the Mediterranean.

The first speaker will be Wood MacKenzie CEO Simon Flowers, who will provide a prospective analysis of the trend in energy demand worldwide, focusing on the Mediterranean Region and referring to the perspectives and challenges posed by the increase in demand.

Oil and Gas Climate Initiative CEO Pratima Rangarajan will illustrate how the energy industry is committed to technological innovation in order to respond to the environmental challenge and achieve carbon neutrality.

The panel discussion will be attended by Egyptian oil and natural resources Minister Tarek El Molla, Greek Minister of energy and environment Giorgos Stathakis, Libyan Minister of economy Ali Abdulaziz Alissauia, Indonesian Minister of energy and mineral resources Ignasius Jonan, Lebanese Minister of energy and water Nada Boustani as well as by the top management of the Italian largest corporations: Eni CEO Claudio Descalzi, Edison CEO Marc Benayoun and Saipem CEO Stefano Cao.

Also OPEC Secretary general Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo will be present, together with Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Kazakh delegations, as well as Italian undersecretaries Vannia Gava, Laura Castelli and Davide Crippa.

“During the opening section we will deal with energy as a driver of growth for the Mediterranean region. On the one hand, producing Countries are offered the possibility to develop sustainably and to improve the population’s living conditions, exploiting gas discoveries and the energy component from renewable sources. On the other hand, Europe has the chance to diversify its supply sources, increasing its use of methane and heading towards energy transition”, OMC 2019 chairman Innocenzo Titone explained.

Assomineriaria president Luigi Ciarrocchi voiced his satisfaction to host an event that “proves the contribution of the extraction supply chain to Italy, supporting it in terms of employment, investments, turnover and energy bill, being useful for development and for the increase in GDP; providing also skills, research and application of innovative technologies, energy security and revenues for the State”, hoping to work together for a sustainable future from an environmental, economic and social perspective.

Councillor for productive activities of the Municipality of Ravenna Massimo Cameliani intervened on behalf of Mayor Michele de Pascale: “in order to obtain energy with the lowest impact possible on the environment and at the lowest price possible, we must invest significantly in renewable energies and natural gas, the cleanest fossil fuel, gradually abandoning all polluting sources. Therefore, in terms of energy policies, the offshore industry is the answer, the sea is the great opportunity and Ravenna can provide all the experience and professionalism of its companies and workers”.

Ravenna Chamber of commerce president Natalino Gigante pointed out that “OMC stands out for the international character of the issues dealt with in this very significant moment for the future of the Italian energy and oil & gas sector. The event will focus on the energy challenge of the next 20 years in light of the geopolitical variables, of the new discoveries that changed the gas market and of the impact of new technologies”.

“Besides the search for hydrocarbons, OMC 2019 examines at least another 2 important issues: the possibility to help producing Countries growing, favouring the use of alternative sources in which they are rich; and the role of Italy as an intermediary between Mediterranean producers and European energy consumers”, Ravenna Offshore Contractors Association (ROCA) president Franco Nanni observed.

Angelo Scorza


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