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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
09/04/18 10:41

Business as usual for Ravano

Bulk Trading’s helm refuted the ‘environmental’ Cassandras: “Coal will never die, not even in Italy!”

Lugano (Switzerland) – From his site on the Lake Lugano, Alberto Ravano enjoys a privileged position to evaluate mark trends, strengthened by some 40 years of experience in the industry.

“Our job is always the same: extracting, selling and transporting coal”, explained the helm of Bulk Trading, established three decades ago in Switzerland and heir of the Genoa-based family company Carbotrade.

Unlike other Genoese traders headquartered in Switzerland, that are engaged also on transhipment in complex geographical areas due to natural factors – carried out through specialized barges equipped with tailored unloading systems – Bulk Trading chose not to invest in logistics.

“We have never been interested in this game. In the past, we invested in ships and we owned vessels, while now we mainly charter them; we invested also in mining resources as owners of a few mines in South America since 4 years”, Ravano explained.

“We handle some 100 chartered vessels per year, from 30,000 dwt to capesize, and we use ultramax vessels as disponent owners. Our activity amounts to 10 million traded tons of different types (coke, steam, hard and anthracite coal), though not all coming from our mining sites in Columbia (Cucuta and Boyacà, ed.). We purchase this commodity also from Russia and South Africa to resell it to the usual countries of import, now including also Egypt and Pakistan”.

Besides its registered office in Lugano, Bulk Trading has branches in Poland (Bulk Trading Polska Sp. z o.o.), in the mining town Chorzow, with sales offices in Katowice; in India (Viva Carbon Private Ltd) in Chennai (former Madras, in the Bengala Bay), renowned for its thriving automotive industry; and, since 2006, in Columbia, in Bogotà and Cucuta (C.I. Bulk Trading Suramerica Ltds Colombia).

Despite several trends towards new fuel sources and the general rejection of coal, disliked by many supporters of renewable energies, Ravano is still focusing his activities on this black commodity.

“Coal will never disappear because it is the best energy source, also in Italy, where they are trying to belittle its value. It is less expensive than other resources and it is not true that it causes pollution, therefore it will survive!”, the experienced trader asserted. “Moreover, all Italian plants were upgraded with active filters, thus reducing Co2 emissions and becoming sustainable. For instance,  the newly designed plants in the Far East make extensive use of it. Coal will never die!”

The Genoese entrepreneur is not worried about the current global geopolitical instability, nor about the negative impact of the sanctions against Russia, which is one of Bulk Trading's main coal supply markets. “Our business cannot be affected by such events” Ravano concluded optimistically.

Angelo Scorza

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