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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
18/02/19 09:48

Ankorgaz ready to debut in Italy with their unprecedented LNG truck-to-ship bunkering service

Multitasking Barani group, will start producing liquefied gas nearby Lodi

Antonio Barani e Carmelo Abela, Ministro degli Esteri e del Commercio di Malta

As announced by Antonio Barani, founder and CEO of the company which is currently focusing on bio-LNG, Ankorgaz  will shortly start unprecedented truck-to-ship bunkering service in Southern Italy  through subsidiary Gasnav.

We met Ankorgaz' helm in Milan during Small Scale LNG Forum – while the company was awarded as the “most outstanding italian service provider” – Barani (who also wrote “Bio-LNG revolution) confirms being confident having made the right decision to join  bio-LNG business.

“In March 2018 we took over an organic waste treatment plant in San Rocco al Porto nearby Lodi. We recently started the construction of the first biomethane liquefaction system in Italy through our subsidiary Biomet, investing overall 25 million Euro.

As from next year we'll produce 3,000 tons bio-LNG nearby (15 km from Milan) destination markets. Ankorgaz will easily operate through Sitragas (Società Italiana Trasporto Gas), joint-venture established last year with Maranzana group (which controls 51% shares) to operate in LNG transport, namely controlling the whole logistic chain.

Bio-methane and its liquefied version, are totally renewable and green and substantially cut CO2 emissions versus diesel and other fuels.

For this reason, recalls Barani, last March the Italian Government introduced substantial initiatives to support this sector.

“Biogas production in our country has already achieved substantial development, there is a considerable road traffic which could be a significant market for this product.

The missing link would be featured by biomethane liquefaction and by using bio-LNG as road traction fuel”.

While Biomet project continues at full sail, Barani is definitely not forgetting the LNG market.

“We are listed among the first Italian LNG importer, recording  6,000 tons/year (from Barcelona and Rotterdam) out of overall 40,000 tons. Nevertheless we should reach at least 500,000 tons. There are few coastal depot in Italy, small projects should be developed but also large terminals capable to host VLGCs”.

For the time being liquefied gas is an alternative for shipowners who intend complying with IMO2020, and LNG bunkering is a business sector Ankorgaz intends focusing on: For this reason we established subsidiary Gasnav, to provide truck-to-ship services, exploiting parent company Ankorgaz which buys the product at very competitive rates and deliver it via Sitragas trucks.

We'll provide an unprecedented bunkering service in Southern Italy” concludes the manager, while adding he recently suggested Malta Government to make a market analyses to turn the island into a primary LNG bunkering station in the Mediterranean.

Francesco Bottino

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